(Bengal Eagle Owl 2) Gwynnie
Arnhemland Rock Bird (NOT FOR SALE)
Australian Christmas Tree 2 (SOLD)
Australian Christmas Tree (SOLD)
Beware of Women Bearing Gifts (NOT FOR SALE)
Bird 1
Bird 2 (SOLD)
Bird 3
Bird 4 (SOLD)
Bird 5 (SOLD)
Bird 6
Bird Beak Rock
Black and White Rabbit 1
Black Swans at Lake Grace, WA 1
Black Swans at Lake Grace, WA 3
Black Swans at Lake Grace, WA 4
Burrowing Owl Chick 1
Burrowing Owl Chick 2
Burrowing Owl Chick 3
Burrowing Owl Chick Study 1 (SOLD)
Burrowing Owl Chick Study 2
Burrowing Owl Chick Study 3
Burrowing Owl Chick Study 4
Burrowing Owl Chick Study 5
California Valley 1
California Valley 2
California Valley 3
California Valley 4
California Valley 5
Cyclops (NOT FOR SALE)
Dancing Tree (SOLD)
Early Morning in Wooroloo
Erosion Left (NOT FOR SALE)
Erosion Right (NOT FOR SALE)
Eucalyptus Flower 1st Stage
Eucalyptus Flower 3rd Stage
Fire Series 1
Fire Series 3
Fire Series 5 (Dragon Stump)
Fire Stump 1
Fire Stump 2
Fire Stump 3
Fire Stump 4
Flaming Flowers - oil on canvas board
Flock of Sheep 1 (NOT FOR SALE)
Flock of Sheep 4 (NOT FOR SALE)
Fruit Bat (SOLD)
Georgie - 6 x 8in - 15.2x20.3cm
Gum Tree Trunk 1
Gum Tree Trunk 2
Gum Tree Trunk 3
Hillside at Sunset 1
Hillside (SOLD)
Hilltop Trees (inc frame)
It`s All About Perspective (SOLD)
Lower Copse, Wooroloo
New Moon
Outback Boulders
Pair of Burrowing Owl Chicks Study 1
Pair of Burrowing Owl Chicks Study 2
Pond Stone
Raven (SOLD)
Red Hillside 1 - oil on canvas and wood
Red Hillside 2 - 7th August 2014 - 28x23.5in - 71x60cm - oils on canvas and wood
Sheep Study 1
Sheep Study 2 (SOLD)
Sheep Study 3 (SOLD)
Single Hibiscus No 2 (SOLD)
Small Tree Series 1
Small Tree Series 2
Small Tree Series 3
Small Tree Series 4
Solitary Bird (SOLD)
Stepping Stones 1 (SOLD)
Stepping Stones 2 (SOLD)
Still Life with Tree
Sun Streak
That Place - 41.5x47.5in - 106x121cm
The Audience
The Bridge (NOT FOR SALE)
The Dog is Always Lying Down 1
The Dog is Always Lying Down 2
The Dog is Always Lying Down 3
The Empty Vessel (comes calling)
The Idea of Words - 121x106cm - 47.5x41.5in
The Little Singer
The Twins - 6x8in - 15x20cm
Tree in Mist (SOLD)
View From a Window 1 (NOT FOR SALE)
View From a Window 2
Welsh Hills 1 - No Wind Turbines
Wet Dog (SOLD)
White Rabbit
Wolf 2 (SOLD)
Wooroloo 1
Wooroloo 2
Wrekin Trees 1
Wrekin Trees 2
Wrekin Trees 3
Wrekin Trees 4
Wrekin Trees 5
Yellow Bird Walking
Yellow Field & Poplars 1
Yellow Field & Poplars 2
Yellow Ground
Yosemite Tree No 5 (acrylic)